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Toronto, Ontario Mar 15, 2021 (Issuewire.com) - With the launch of a brand-new website, Global Coin Solutions has also adopted a new slogan in the hopes of attracting more charities.  Their goal is not only to support their fundraising efforts but also to employ more and more staff.

Global Coin Solutions started 6 years ago.  "We began with 2 simple goals in mind: to help as many charities as possible and to put people to work," said Scott Hutchings, their Founder, and President. 

"There is $2-3 Billion worth of leftover foreign currency in Canada alone and more than $10 Billion in the U.S.  We just want to help charities tap into some of that.  The more charities we work with, the more money gets raised, and the more people we can put to work" Hutchings says.

Since 2015, Global Coin Solutions has helped organizations and charities across Canada and the U.S. realize the value of mixed currency donations with their #AllCurrenciesAccepted program.  They have processed more than $13 Million in that time, but "we are just scratching the surface here" said Hutchings.

Collecting leftover foreign currency for charity has been done for decades around the world.  Dozens of airlines around the world collect Millions worth of leftover foreign currency every year including 10 airlines supporting various UNICEF offices in different countries.  Airports all over the U.K. and Europe have large collection containers placed strategically throughout to capture as much attention (and money) as possible.

Virtually every charity, large and small, in the U.K. has a foreign currency program.

Here in Canada, there are only a few:

  • Air Canada Foundation - Every Bit Counts
  • March of Dimes Canada - Currency Collection Program
  • Durham Children's Aid Foundation - Currency for Kids
  • Cancer Assistance Services of Halton Hills - Coins for CAShh

"Currency for Kids is an innovative and unique method of raising much-needed funds for children, youth, and their families who live in vulnerable situations.  This program would never have become a reality without the support and encouragement of Global Coin Solutions." - Dennis Ullman, Executive Director of Durham Children's Aid Foundation.

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Global Coin Solutions also brings a new digital fundraising method to market as well:  QR codes.  QR codes have been used for many things in North America and have even replaced menus in many restaurants.  Now QR codes can also be used to collect donations ... anywhere.  Their solution uses a mobile website instead of an app, so donors don't need to download or install anything to their phone to make a donation on the fly.


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