FIFTH DIRECTION Launches Affiliate Referral Program

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Affiliate Marketing Program Intends to Make Emotional Integration Training Ubiquitous

Galveston, Texas Mar 26, 2021 ( - FIFTH DIRECTION is pleased to announce a new affiliate marketing program for their Emotional Integration Training Course.  The video-based course is available for download at  The referral program is also administered through the affiliate marketing tools on  In an effort to get the training course into as many hands as possible FIFTH DIRECTION is offering a $40 referral fee on each sale of the $99 course.  Affiliate referral rates are usually much lower and in the neighborhood of 20 percent.  "We've doubled that because our goal is for Emotional Integration Training to become ubiquitous.  We want everyone to be able to learn these skills and go on to teach them to their children, family members, friends, and coworkers," stated Dean Sims, Director at FIFTH DIRECTION.  "We think the basic process is simple enough for a 1st grader to learn." 

Affiliate Marketers can get more information on the company's product website and learn more about the course as well.  Previously the Emotional Integration Training Course was only offered on an individual basis over 11-weeks and cost US$990.  Now it has been packaged into an 11-Session online video course which anyone, anywhere can access in order to make a lasting and positive change for themselves. The complete course can be purchased at with immediate access to all eleven lessons, plus all supplementary materials. The course is convenient and easy to follow, in step-by-step, bite-sized pieces which presents a viable way for people to learn to manage their emotions, leading to life-long results. 

FIFTH DIRECTION's ultimate goal is for people to complete the course and then be able to refer friends and family to the program.  Their unique affiliate link allows them to earn a referral fee on each purchase generated from their social media posts or from their website or blog. 

Client Feedback:

"I recently completed the Emotional Integration Training Course online, and I cannot believe where it has taken me in my journey. I am happy to be able to recommend it to my friends to share the skills I've learned. Getting a referral fee is just a bonus," Rachel H. of Dallas, Texas shared.

Founded in 2003, FIFTH DIRECTION is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation organized and operated exclusively for charitable purposes, specifically to enhance the spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of people in the community. The organization is focused on delivering educational materials and spiritual resources to individuals and groups to help them live more authentic and meaningful lives thereby positively impacting the community at large.

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