Andrew Lesnak Spends Most of His Time Counseling and Advocating For Hurricane Sandy Victims

Toms River, New Jersey Mar 26, 2021 ( - Being one of the victims of hurricane Sandy, Andrew Lesnak used volunteerism in the field of mental health counseling to be a great way of therapy for him. He is quite aware of the pains and struggles of victims like himself and is in tune with how to help those with similar heartfelt conditions after hurricane Sandy.

Andrew can never forget the mental health issues that he had to face during hurricane Sandy. This made him come forward as the counselor to address the mental and physical health issues of the people affected by Sandy. He followed a personalized approach to recover from various psychiatric disorders, anxiety, and general distress.

Andrew joined hands to provide the hurricane Sandy victims with affordable housing as well as training to enhance their earning capabilities. He gets himself involved in helping them communicate effectively and make proper decisions to reach the path of homeownership.

Being the sufferer of hurricane Sandy, he created Community Outreach Program that helped victims to communicate effectively and make a proper decision. He could never forget the mental challenges that he had to face during the hurricane. He himself found the best way to cope with building his life both professionally and personally.

Still unsettled after so many years, Andrew Lesnak works to rebuild his home in New Jersey. He spends most of his time counseling and advocating for Hurricane Sandy victims. He understands that the increased exposure to hurricane Sandy leads to higher levels of depression, anxiety, and stress.

About Andrew Lesnak

Andrew Lesnak is committed to excellence in everything that he does to show promising rewards. He has come up as a proven example to the hopeless victims and motivates them to fight for success.

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